Kongsi New Year Resolution 2023 – Chinese Session

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• Kongsi Academy | New Year Resolution 28th December 2022 Chinese Session •

Ever wonder what does it take to plan and stick to your new year’s resolutions?

Come and discover the traits of people that enliven their resolutions with conviction. They are ordinary people making extraordinary impact in their communities or workplace. And what they’ve shown us is that anyone can achieve it too!

With your participation, you are also supporting the efforts of Kongsi Co-op in community building.

Sign up now – https://forms.gle/f3h2EFxJ7Zk5x7t48

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Kongsi Co-op

Kongsi Co-op is a consumer cooperative in Malaysia that focuses on connecting people, soil, and nature. We aspire to co-create a community that is both human and environmental-centric through revitalizing the spirit and culture of community and sustainable living.