About Us

Connecting people, soil and nature.

In the early 20th century, Rudolf Steiner introduced “Social Threefolding” theory, a new imagination of the nature of economic and social life that takes into consideration the whole human being—body, soul, and spirit.

Steiner maintained that this understanding is essential to create a healthy social life because our outer social structures need to reflect our essence as human beings and our relation to the world.

This theory consists of the balance of all three spheres in a healthy social life—culture, rights and economics, which are equally important, autonomous yet interdependent, and no one of them should dominate or control the other.


  • Culture
    Each individual capacity can be unfolded to enrich and develop society as a whole.
  • Rights
    Human rights are independent from economic power; the relationship between human beings are as equals.
  • Economics
    The needs of the other are covered by my work, as my needs are covered by the work of the others.


Kongsi Co-op started humbly with a group of concerned consumers who wanted more organic and biodynamic products and services to fill the current market gap. Kongsi Co-op has since been looking for the optimal operating model to fulfil their everyday needs. Kongsi Co-op hopes to reach out to more producers and consumers who share the same values and favour supporting the local circular economy.

Kongsi Co-op is concerned with relationships and community building as much as with factors of production, consumption, labour, and finance. Relationships here include not only our relations to fellow human beings but also to mother earth nature. We believed in this production side of an economic life that is imbued with social responsibility.

By collating eco-friendly and safe products or services and operating in a co-purchase mode, the profits generated will be utilised for both member and community development, thereby achieving a co-winning circular economy.

Established in 2022, Kongsi Co-op has been striving to build a harmonious three-folding society through its vision, missions, values, and principles.


To be the model consumer cooperative that advocates harmonious ecosystem for people, soil, and nature.



To Co-create a platform with the local community to support farmers and producers.


To Connect people with resources – to revive and grow the local economy especially in rural areas.


To Collaborate with producers and consumers to produce and to support organic, biodynamic foods or Earth-friendly products.


To support the Community to become culturally, environmentally, and economically sustainable through education and community services.



We do what we can, based on the people and resources we have.


A platform for people and resources to come together.


Resources flow back to the society and benefiting the society as whole.


Leaving a harmonious ecosystem for our future generations.

Seven Sustainable Living Principles

  1. Earth-friendly, organic and biodynamic food.
  2. Products and services friendly to the people and environment.
  3. A green consumption model with minimal wastage of resources.
  4. Doing business without exploiting others and nature.
  5. Support local small-scale farmers and artisans.
  6. Provide diverse and holistic education in human development.
  7. Create a sustainable community with associative economics.