to co-create a harmonious ecosystem.

Kongsi Co-op is a community-owned enterprise in Malaysia that focuses on connecting people, soil and nature. We aspire to co-create a community that is both human and environmental-centric through revitalizing the spirit and culture of community and sustainable living.


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We are a consumer cooperative in Malaysia that focuses on connecting people, soil, and nature.

Kongsi Co-op HQ

5th September 2022 marks the beginning of the renovation and restoration of our Kongsi Co-op HQ, which we dearly call “Kongsi House”.

Co-owners and friends came together to give blessings in our own ways, and with this, we hope to come together with more like-minded people who want to co-create a space that allows our inner human capacity to develop.

Kongsi House will serve as a ground to connect with people of similar intentions and also to incubate farmers, artisans, and communities that jives with our vision. This will be a model that can be duplicated wherever people sees the need to establish “community-supports-anything” people, soil and nature friendly model. Yes, that’s the kind of consumer co-op we envision to be!

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