Community Development

Kongsi - Kampung House

When a group of people in a community come together to take action then to solve problems or to serve common needs, that’s community development. People work together to make the community better, be it for social or economic needs.

In Kongsi Co-op, we aim to build our co-working space, event space, home garden, library, co-op housing, etc.  That’s what our HQ in Kuala Lumpur doing now.

To execute these activities, we need more than our working team – that’s where our be a volunteer program comes in.

What does it mean to be a Kongsi Co-op volunteer?

  • not only to do what you can do, but to do what you want to do meaningfully
  • self development
  • to help co-create and to give back to the community you wish to be in
  • to meet more like-minded people
  • always have abundance of healthy good food to feed you!