Abdul Haiyum

BOD - Abdul Haiyum Bin Abdul Hamid

Abdul Haiyum grew up in Sungai Petani and graduated as an accountant in 1976. He resigned as a CEO of a logistic company in 1985, and with the blessings and seed money from his superior, he started his own shipping company. It was then when he realised that he has a knack of running his own business. He never looks back and became a serial entrepreneur since then. He started a series of businesses in various industries, among which were a public listed construction company, logistics/shipping, insurance brokerage, hospitality, security, warehousing, and trading. Some has been sold off since then, with the remaining as a non-active shareholder.

With his passion in hospitality and people connections, he set up Tanjung Inn 30 years ago and recently Villa de Fedelia in Cherating. As much as possible, both resorts are operated adopting practices that are environmentally friendly, such as the use of compost in the landscaping with further eco-friendly practices in the pipeline. He does not discriminate when hiring his workers, regardless of their social status, as long as they are willing to work.

His dream is to turn the resorts into a wellness centre of a sort, where his belief on environment, community and healthy living is practiced.