Kongsi Food Bag – Small (suitable for 1 to 3 people serving) | One-month subscription


✔ Approximately 2kg of assorted low land vegetables with tempeh or tofu which is suitable for 1 to 3 persons serving.
✔ Subscribing to Kongsi Food Bag means supporting a fair deal for farmers, producers, and consumers in mitigating food security, production risks and food pricing.
✔ All produces in the Food Bag are freshly harvested and produced! All fresh produces are either organically or biodynamically grown that benefits our health and environment.
✔ Kongsi Co-op curates a good variety of food ingredients for wholesome, nutritious, and easy mix-and-match cooking. Also, it helps in discovering something new in the Food Bag and be more adventurous with your meals.
✔ Be part of the effort towards zero waste packaging by getting these food ingredients directly from our producer partners.
✔ Pick up at Kongsi House every Wednesday between 3pm to 5pm
✔ Bring your own bag for pick up or loan a Kongsi Upcycled Grocer Bag to pick up your food bag.

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