Kampung Harvest Life Flowing Vinegar


✔ Fermented for over 24 months using organic cassava and sweet potato grown at Ivan’s farm, this natural raw vinegar with no sulphur added has been matured for over 10 years. Mild in tartness and versatile in usage, it is a superb flavour enhancer to dishes and also a good source of friendly bacteria.
✔ Use it as culinary seasoning such as pickling, in marinades or add to salad dressing, sauces and soups. Mix a tablespoon to a glass of warm water or juices as an energy booster or for general health benefits. Shake gently before use.
✔ Ivan Ho is a farmer and a homoeopathic practitioner. He loves working with nature by taking good care of the soil, the farm animals and the bees. Ivan has initiated and conducted a water pond building workshop at Kongsi House lately, guiding the participants in observing the garden organism and their relationship with each other, and digging the pond from scratch.

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