Dr Azman’s Beras Wangi (5kg)


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Retired medical doctor who is on a mission to produce organic rice while setting an example for his fellow Tanjung Karang paddy farmers in developing organic paddy production. Knowing the importance of paddy food and long-lasting impact on the paddy farming culture, he has been pursuing a healthier and sustainable way to farm rice. Still in-conversion since 2020 he has weaned off most of the chemical concoctions.

Dr. Azman is currently producing semi-polished fragrant rice with high demand from our team to produce brown fragrant rice. Perfect for everyday consumption and can be cooked into various dishes. We are delighted to bring on-board Dr Azman’s rice as part of Kongsi Co-op’s intention to support local farmers that wish to transit into organic or biodynamic farming methods. This is our effort as a community to put our money where we believe. We hope you will be able to join us in supporting this important journey.


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