Anthroposophic Conference Malaysia 2024

Towards individual development and community wellbeing

26 – 30 June, 2024.

The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Dr Michaela Gloeckler

Welcome Letter by Dr Michaela Gloeckler

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Anthroposophic Conference Malaysia (ACM) 2024!

After two corona-related online conference in 2021 and 2022, we can finally meet again in-person in Kuala Lumpur! Our goal is to work with committed people from the Pacific region surrounding the future questions of our global world, i.e. How do we, on the one hand, learn to stand up for the values and dignity of each individual ‘s development, and on the other hand, to develop a social competence that places us in the service of the greater human tasks across national borders?

For more than ten years, anthroposophically inspired initiatives in the fields of medicine, agriculture, education, social therapy, home care, artistic activities and in the field of sustainable economy for the common good have been development in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. To publicise and promote these activities and to support their international networking and mutual assistance, this conference will play an important role to magnify that.

It is with great delight that Kongsi Co-op will be hosting this ACM 2024 and i would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of all of us who will be attending! Kongsi Co-op is still in the early stages of applying anthroposophy and integrating the local anthroposophical communities. All the greater is the enthusiasm and hope that this conference will bring together people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds so that beginners and advanced practitioners of anthroposophy can learn from each other and strengthen old friendships and establish new ones. The goal is served by a wide range of different professional workshops as well as open discussion and meeting spaces.

In our present time, which is often characterized by wars and hardship, every individual who privately and professionally stands up for human values and contributes to social communities counts. Where there is conflict and hostility, painful processes of dehumanisation begin. However, humanisation and the capacity for peace begins where people learn to meet in mutual respect and understanding, to learn from differences and to work together towards constructive goals for the future. This conference would like to bring forth individual development and community wellbeing through these constructive future perspectives.

With best wishes,

Dr Michaela Gloeckler


Discover fresh perspectives through the daily keynote address, as well as lectures by the tutors in the evenings.

Take away new ideas, build new connections, and contribute back to your community for the betterment of the future generations.

Explore what our community is offering through meeting our co-organisers at their booths throughout the conference break time.

Get to know our local organic farmers, artisans and producers. You may also give your support by purchasing directly from them.


Get together with your fellow Anthroposophic medical practitioners, Waldorf teachers or parents, biodynamic farmers, homecare practitioners, art therapists, biography workers or Eurythmists in Malaysia and the region.


Dive deeper into your field of knowledge, discover more possibilities that you can venture into for the benefit of a wider audience.


Enrol into a workshop or an art practice that might not be your usual interests, to discover new perspectives for yourself. There will be opportunities for everyone to attend different art practices.


Be inspired and drive one’s thinking into positive actions – for individual development and towards community wellbeing.

Dr Michaela Gloeckler

Keynote Speaker

Returning for the third time as the keynote speaker for Anthroposophy Conference Malaysia, Dr. Michaela Glöckler, a pediatrician, has been the Head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, the anthroposophic School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland for 28 years. She gives lectures worldwide on the integrative medical model of Anthroposophic Medicine. Previously, she worked in the pediatric department of the Community Hospital in Herdecke, Germany and served as school doctor for the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten, Germany.

She is also the co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood and the European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy (ELIANT), and has authored many publications.

3-days Workshop

Tutors from Switzerland, Germany, USA, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia will be conducting workshops over 3 days of the conference.

Choose ONE from the 11 workshops for deeper learning on the topic.

w w 01
About the Workshop

Introduction to Anthroposophic approaches to Medicine

Practical guide on how to put anthroposophy into medical practice and perspective to approach the human being in diagnosis and therapy.

*This workshop offers priority to doctors, medical practitioners, and pharmacist
*Limited to 30 seats

About the Tutor

Dr. Kan-anek is an Anthroposophic physician who is also certified in Classical Homeopathy, Traditional Thai Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Spacial Dynamics.

After graduated from Phramongkutklao College of Medicine and completed his Master degree in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, he has been actively teaching at the Anthroposophic Medical Training in Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Switzerland; The International Integrative Oncology Training in Thailand and India; The Asia-Pacific Anthroposophic Pharmacy Training; The Asia-Pacific Curative Education and Social Therapy Training; Asia-Pacific Bothmer Gymnastic Therapy Training and Asia-Pacific Rhythmical Massage Training program.

w w 02
About the Workshop

Anxiety, depression, addiction: soul exercises for individual development and well-being in families

Anxiety, depression, addictions are very common symptoms in postmodern societies, even before they manifest as illnesses. Overcoming these obstacles frees the soul for its own potential and opens a source of mental and physical health.

In this workshop we will do soul exercises and simple anthroposophical meditations. We will include biographical questions and lifestyle issues such as exercise, nutrition, rhythm, sleep and media influences.

*Limited to 30pax

About the Tutor

Rolf Heine is the director of the Academy of Anthroposophic Nursing Professions at the Filderklinik (Anthroposophic Hospital in South-West Germany), the coordinator of the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN), and the President of the International Council of Anthroposophic Nursing Associations (ICANA)

He has published numerous contributions on the topic of anthroposophic nursing in books and professional journals.

Rolf is the facilitator for Nursing in Malaysia IPMT and Kolisko conference since 2015, and Anthroposophic homecare 2-years training program since 2017.

w w 03
About the Workshop

Be Your Own Nutritionist

How true is “You are what you eat?”

Does your nutrition needs be determined solely by nutrition facts and figures?

Do some foods provide more energy than others? 

How farming methods give an impact to nutritional quality?

Explore these questions in this workshop to broaden the concept of eating and learn to be your own nutritionist!

*Conducted in Mandarin, English translation available

About the Tutor

Dr Joean Oon is a naturopathy and homeopathy therapist. She attended IPMT and studied Anthroposophic Medicine, Nursing and Child Development since 2011 as well as a keen learner of Anthroposophic Nutrition.

She is also one of the Malaysia International Postgraduate Medical Training and KOLISKO 2015 course organizers. She has been actively contributing for health and environmental education, and promoting eco enzymes globally.

w w 04
About the Workshop

The “I” arrives on Earth with its biographical blueprint, but upon incarnating into this world, looses it original balance and vitality of its spirit and soul due to materialistic interferences brought about by parental influences.

The most crucial time for will development lies in the period of childhood, however, materialism hinders the development of will, resulting in the lack of willpower early on in a child’s soul development.

There are 7 stages to will development in carrying out one’s life purpose and it is closely related to embodiment of the “I”. In order to assist children in the possibility of a happy and free life, this workshop will explore the relationship between the will and self-development, as well as the relationship between the will and morality.

About the Tutor

Yan Yu Ling has been working in education for over 30 years. After graduating from the teacher’s college early childhood education system, she participated in Taiwan’s early childhood renew education wave and practical work for 10 years.

She then devoted herself to Waldorf education in Taiwan, parent education and anthroposophy research, community work, anthroposophical art education and the establishment of educational support center for children. She has experienced about 20 years since the beginning of Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy movement in Taiwan. She founded three Waldorf kindergartens and two primary Waldorf schools in Taiwan.

Since 2018, she has been continuously supporting the training of Waldorf educators among Chinese people in mainland China and Malaysia. Her work on the mainland continues to this day.

w w 05
About the Workshop

Creating space for individual and social development

Few areas offer so much potential for individual and social development and growth as the daily chores in our homes, schools, kindergartens. All living organisms thrive on the care they receive, be it our family, our home, our environment, our relationships, and our community.

Explore both the practical and spiritual aspects of creating order, cleaning; and ways of dealing with visible and invisible dirt.

We would like to share experiences, practice our perception skills, learn about the practical aspect of caring and perhaps do a bit of communal cleaning.

About the Tutor

Linda Thomas is a professional cleaner who operated her own ecological cleaning institute since 30 years ago in which was considered unique in Switzerland. Her love of being a housewife made Linda discover a different meaning in everyday chores.

She was guided by the question: if one can work spiritually anywhere in the world and in any occupation, it must also be possible if one cleans and cares for a home or a work place.

Thus, she developed her working philosophy that can transform cleaning into caring, setting a clear impulse for a transformation in thinking and doing, as well as for an expanded self-understanding of homemaking.

Linda was responsible for the cleaning and caring of the Goetheanum for 21 years. She also managed the home economic and services department of the new Klinik-Arlesheim from 2012 until her retirement in 2017.

Now, she shares her thoughts and experiences internationally in lectures and seminars.

w w 06
About the Workshop


About the Tutor


w w 07
About the Workshop

Experiencing the joys of life-long learning —A new paradigm of Adult Education

This workshop will focus on a theme based on new pathways to adult learning developed by pioneers Rudolf Steiner, Christof Lindenau and Coenraad van Houten.

*Limited to 50 seats

About the Tutor

Walter Siegfried Hahn grew up on a farm in Bavaria. When training as a gardener, he met Anthroposophy through Biodynamic farming at age 17. The experience of plant growth, clouds observation and biographies served him as the basis for his work in agriculture, biography work, social sculpture and sensory experience fields.

He has co-founded numerous enterprises and initiatives like the Layenhof Community (1994), the Voluntary Year for Social Sculpture (2005), Experiencing Farms (2006) and designed and implemented programming for groups of all ages and societal levels, based on sensory experience.

Starting in 2004, he has supported and initiated experience fields in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the US, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and China. Besides the education of children, his focus is very much on a new holistic approach to learning for adults.

w w 08
About the Workshop

Experiencing the self through speech and eurythmy

Speech is a faculty that is uniquely human. Through it we are able to express ourselves, interact with others and thus co-create and make real our visions.

When we read poetry or capture our deepest feelings in words carefully chosen, we realign ourselves with worlds which nourish us and reassure us that in the small and great events of the everyday there is something more than just the ordinary. And that this “something more” leads us both into our deepest core as well as connects us to all of humanity and the universe at large.

The workshop participants will journey together to experience the “self” but also the connectedness of each one.

About the Tutor

Grace Zozobrado-Hahn received a B.S. in Biology in 1980. She finished her Postgraduate Training in Medicine in 1985, her Family Medicine Residency in 1989, Pediatrics in 1994, Basic Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy in 2002, and the Anthroposophic Medical Training in 2003.

Grace worked in the mountains of the Southern Philippines, was the first School Doctor of the first Philippine Waldorf School and part of the Raphael Clinic in Metro Manila. Since 2009 her work is mostly on a volunteer basis in the many different projects of Koberwitz 1924.

She has been involved with the Philippines IPMT and Teacher Trainings since their beginnings and in the last 15 years has been lecturing in Asian countries. She says: “It’s all about freedom in the complexity of relationships amidst the challenges of our times.

w w 09
About the Workshop

The topic of biography can not only be considered individually in relation to individual people, it also has a universal character. like ebb and flow, construction and degradation, periods of rest and upheaval run through the history of the earth and its living beings. Each phase has its very own theme. This can be described as a learning field with different phases, each with its own qualities.

We will tap into the sources of childhood and youth and incorporate the wisdom of age to determine how a healing social form can emerge from the merging of these opposing forces. Art-therapeutic forms of application will thus be transformed into social-artistic skills.

The aim of the work will be to use biographical laws artistically to initiate social processes.

*Limited to 40 seats
*A minimal fee for art materials is required

About the Tutor

Dr. Hildrun Rolff hold professorship for Art Therapy with a focus on art therapy between medicine and psychology. Social art, Sustainability, anthroposophical art therapy, efficacy-related projective-imaginative procedures, anamnestic-diagnostic approaches in the biographical context of art therapy.

She was the Head of the Artistic-Scientific Further Education Courses , Art therapy, interdisciplinary medicine and psychology since Sept 2006 till Aug 2023.

From 1980 until today various art therapy activities in various clinics, therapy centers and in her own practice. Social art projects in the field of coaching (community sculptures) in companies. Training for trade unions and land art with non-professionals, students and secondary school pupils.

Dr. Hildrun specialises in visual artist – digital art, photography, painting and sculpture.

w w 10
About the Workshop

Macrocosm in Man

Macrocosm means the universe; macrocosm in man means cosmic forces in us and we are going to explore and experience our relationship within ourselves and with the cosmic forces through eurythmy.

In Eurythmy, the sound of words and music manifest into gestures and movements. It brings our life organisation into vibration and resonance with the cosmic forces and works harmoniously within us.

We explore and experience the relationship and consciousness within oneself as an individual, with others as a community, and with the universe through eurythmy. Also, the therapeutic effects on us.

*Limited to 40 seats

About the Tutor

Tan Seow San was a mainstream preschool teacher and principal for a kindergarten and childcare centre for 7 years.

She pursued Eurythmy training in the Camphill Community (UK) in 2012 and completed her training in Eurythmy WestMidland (UK) in 2016.

She furthered her Eurythmy Therapy training in the UK (2019) and obtained the Master of Art (Eurythmy Therapy) from Alanus University in 2022.

Seow San has been a Eurythmy teacher at Waldorf School, an Eurythmy tutor in anthroposophical training in Malaysia and China, and now a Eurythmy Therapy practitioner.

w w 11
About the Workshop

Principles and Practices of Biodynamic Beekeeping

Who are the honeybees?
What do they need?
How can we serve them?

These are the central questions that guide the work at Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, a biodynamic farm and education center located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia, USA.

Join Alex for the 3-day workshop for this dynamic presentation of the art and science of beekeeping, including history, physiology, the relationship between the bees and human, plants, animals and landscape, meditative work for beekeepers and farmers, and all the ins and outs of the biodynamic beekeeping practices that have been cultivated now for the last 100 years.

*Limited to 30 seats
*The workshop will be conducted at Kongsi House by the River
* This workshop will also pair with Art & Practices A04: Perception Exercise: Perceiving Association by Chai Chik Ying

About the Tutor

Alex Tuchman is a beekeeper, educator, farmer, author, and student of nature. As the Director of Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, Alex carries a wide variety of responsibilities on the farm, with the bees, in the classroom, and in administration.

Alex came to Spikenard Farm in March of 2014 after three years as the Farm Manager of Loyola University Chicago’s Student Farm in Illinois, his home-state. Alex is an active member of the Agriculture Section of the School for Spiritual Science and a consistent contributor to the biodynamic agriculture and natural beekeeping movements and regularly teaches at conferences in the U.S., around the world, and online.

Alex’s book, A Lively Hive, was published in 2021, outlining the basic biodynamic beekeeping methods that are practiced and taught at Spikenard Farm.


1. Translation is available upon request. You may bring your own translator device or rent from the organiser with a fee.
2. W11 Biodynamic Bee Keeping will be conducted at Kongsi House. This class is paired with A04 Perception Exercise (see section above).
3. Workshop content may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and shall be updated accordingly.

Art & Practices

Choose ONE from 12 Art & Practices classes for 3 days of fun learning. Get your hands on something new, it could be an interest you might want to explore further in the future.

a 01
About the Workshop

In this workshop, we will experience how engaging in painting and drawing can lead to profound insights into the depths of our inner selves. With each exercise, individuals embark on an introspective journey, uncovering layers of the inner self we never knew existed, and explore how it can become a transformative pathway towards self development.

About the Tutor

Saw Wooi Peng completed her foundation year in Anthroposophy Art Therapy under the supervision of Professor Hildrun Rolff (Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences). She has also completed a two-year training course in Anthroposophic Homecare under the guidance of Mr. Rolf Heine from Germany.

She is passionate about mandala drawing, geometric drawing, negative art painting and handicrafts. She conducts weekly painting practices and leads social art programs in Rolf Heine’s homecare training courses.

a 02
About the Workshop

Larynx as the instrument of music

“The Human being is a musical being, and the making of music is essential in experiencing what it is to be fully human“.–Rudolf Steiner

As human beings, we are endowed with a natural instrument that can produce beautiful melodies – our larynx.

In this 3-day workshop, Fiona will take us through the rhythms of scales, experience the relationship between sound and astral body, between music and math and give us a melodic experience of the art of Waldorf education singing.

*Limit to 40 pax

About the Tutor

Fiona Poh is a Waldorf early childhood educator. She became a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher when her child entered school age 13 years ago. She later founded Rimbayu Playgarden, a Waldorf inspired kindergarten in 2015.

Fiona completed her foundation year in Anthroposophy Art Therapy under the guidance of Hildrun Rolff (Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences). She is currently under training in biography coaching by Instituut voor Biografiek, Netherlands.

Fiona is passionate to share her experience on children’s education through book study, various talks for parents, and she is also a teacher trainer for Malaysia Waldorf Early Childhood Education training programs.

a 03
About the Workshop

Home gardening therapy

Applying Biodynamics into the home garden, instead of merely growing plants, every home garden has its individuality. A home gardener through proper use of unique BD preparations with enliven earthly and cosmic energy, combined with other soil-improvement methods, enhancing soil fertility, helps to revitalize and restore life forces of the land.

Farming in accordance with the rhythms and cycles of celestial bodies, and integrating humane care in a living, thriving relationship with the earth, all these bring about balanced healing to the environment to grow nutritious food with healing properties.

Session 1: Introduction of BD home gardening and planting calendar

Session 2: Ways of improving soil quality at home

Session 3: How to plant in limited space artistically

*Limited to 40 pax

About the Tutor

Ho Siew Yin is a biodynamic home gardener, entrepreneur and Waldorf enrichment class teacher. In the journey of learning and practicing Biodynamics as a home gardener for the past 10 years, she realized that soil is the foundation of human health, and it is also the key to solve many challenges faced by human beings, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, the coronavirus pandemic, food insecurity, and many more.

Her passion in home gardening has led her to start a community vegetable farm, Damai Farmville in her neighborhood in 2021, in hope that more people can learn and practice home gardening.

a 04
About the Workshop

Perception Exercise: Perceiving Associative —Strengthening Health from Individual to Community

Each community is a living organism made up of diverse interdependent elements: minerals, plants, animals, weather, atmosphere, people including man-made objects and spirit of the place. To be healthy in a community means to be dynamically balanced in polarity and diversity.

How can a farmer, gardener or beekeeper who work collaboratively in the context of nature and social life, inspire and nurture within ourselves, the sensibility of different elements, the associative, interdependence and balancing awareness between different beings, for healthy individual and community development?

In this 3-day workshop, Chik Ying invites us to experience an inner connection of dynamic relationship between oneself, others and nature through the artistic process of mindfulness, self-reflection, nature observation, painting and peer dialogue. This workshop is an invitation to exercise active perception with our hand, head and heart.

*This class will be conducted at Kongsi House by the River, pairing with Workshop 11: Biodynamic Bee Keeping by Alex Tuchman

About the Tutor

Chai Chik Ying is a biodynamic gardener and researcher who also works in the field of arts, nature observation, inner development and community building. Passionate and active in connecting people with self, others and nature through arts, gardening and farming community activities.

a 05
About the Workshop

Bothmer Gym: Movement for inner and social balance

Participants are invited to experience a series of basic Bothmer core exercises which helps integrate and harmonize the body’s dynamic postural planes within the space.

About the Tutor

Teung Pee Hoi worked as a high school physical education teacher for about ten years and later a class teacher at a Waldorf school. She is currently a Physical Education and Games teacher at Sasana International School.

Pee Hoi completed her three-year Waldorf-Bothmer Teacher Training Program and obtained a Waldorf Physical Education Teacher Certificate. She has also completed the Waldorf Extra Lesson Program. She directed Malaysia Waldorf Schools Ancient Olympics Program and the High Schools Sports Camp.

During the weekends, Pee Hoi organizes sports and game public workshops for children and it was very welcoming to the students.

a 06
About the Workshop

Learning support with remedial exercises

Learning support “extra lesson” is one of the programs offered at Waldorf schools, specifically designed for children who have learning difficulties such as standing upright, writing, copying, body coordination etc. resulting from development obstacles in the early age of 0-7 years old.

This workshop will guide participants through activities such as body movements, colors and spatial line drawing to explore how to identify challenges faced by a child who needs support, and also learn to use supplementary tools from Extra Lesson.

*Limited to 40 pax

About the Tutor

Chai Fui Yau graduated with a bachelor’s degree in legal study. She has dedicated herself to Waldorf early childhood education since 2019 after several years of internship. Between 2018-2019, she pursued Extra Lesson, Waldorf learning support training in Taiwan, guided by Mdm Beate Schram from Germany. She then embarks on the path of Waldorf’s learning support education.

She is now a member of the Malaysian Early Childhood Education Program organizing committee and teacher’s trainer in Taiwan and Malaysia.

a 07
About the Workshop

Form drawing

Taught in the Waldorf Schools from Grade 1 to 5, form drawing consists of essentially freehand drawings of non-representational forms. Many may wonder “What is the purpose of drawing these forms?” The freehand creation of patterns is more about the process than the product. In the process, one develops their feeling for harmony, for symmetry, and towards a feeling of relations as in the harmonies that also exist in the world around us. These shapes and their effects of linear movements, are the formative forces in all living things.

In these 3-day workshops, participants experience creating these forms on the paper, and meditate their way into the gestures, meaning and forces contained in the language of their lines.

*Limited to 40 pax

About the Tutor

Janet Ong is currently a Class 12 Guardian and High School Maths and Science specialist teacher at Sasana International School. Her developmental journey started 16 years ago with teaching Class 1 Main lessons as enrichment during weekends.

Through the years, she slowly took on the next year level until now, and has gone through a full cycle of Class 1 to 12. Besides teaching, she actively contributes to the Malaysian Waldorf Teachers Preparation by helping to plan and organize training.

a 08
About the Workshop

Clay art

In Waldorf school, the hands-on activity of clay modelling works on the mind and builds the brain through a rich complexity of sense experiences.

Children, like soft clay itself, are themselves in a formative state and are being molded by their impressions and by their active engagement with their surroundings.

Together, we experience how Waldorf children bring stories to life through their contemplation of gestures in the grade stories.

*Limited to 30 pax

About the Tutor

Hing Shu Min is currently the Class 8 teacher at Sasana International School. She began her Waldorf journey in 2017 as a Class 1 teacher and has grown alongside her students, guiding them through their formative years.

Alongside teaching, she fulfills her childhood dream of engaging with art, integrating creative activities into her curriculum.

As she gained experience on her journey, she also took on the role of a mentor teacher, guiding new educators as they embarked on their teaching journeys.

a 09
About the Workshop

Conversation as Inner Path

This practical workshop will bring a few different conversation exercises, including fourfold, threefold and twofold. Participants will not only experience how thinking, willing and feeling works in daily conversations, but will feel

the real quality of pure listening and perceiving the “I” of oneself and partner through deeper conversation.

*Limited to 40 pax
*Mandarin only

About the Tutor

Wei MingYu is the founder of Threefold Translation Press, Threefold Books, and co-founder of Threefold Co-Learning Community.

MingYu was in the profession of science and engineering before he embarked into Anthroposophical publication translation and publishing work in creating a learning community of “reading, practicing and sharing”.

Translated and published books including “Thinking Like a Plant,” “Why Cleaning has Meaning”, “The Seven Life Processes” and “From Normal to Healthy”.

a 10
About the Workshop

Art of Culinary & Fermentation: The sensory experience of eating

Cooking brings a diversity of sensory experiences that cheers people up. A meal prepared with good ingredients that is presented like a piece of artwork will strengthen the intestinal microbiome and this, in turn, leads to a strong immune system. Nutritional science today suggests that eating is not just about taking in nutrients but it directly contributes to a positive and healthy lifestyle for our individual development. By choosing ingredients that are grown with care to the environment contributes directly to the wellbeing of nature and the community.

In this class, Chef Tai will demonstrate how to create meals with plant-based ingredients, local organic and biodynamic vegetables, herbs and flowers. He will share how to effortlessly present your meals that will appease the most fussy eaters.

Fermentation in culinary is not just a food preservation process but an art that transforms products, making them tastier and beneficial for our bodies. You can always perfect a meal with some fermented foods. Callie will share with you how to make fermented food at home and creative ways to incorporate tempeh, sauerkraut, miso etc into your daily meals.

About the Tutor

Tai Lee Shyong is a co-owner of GK Organic Farm. He was a cruise chef for more than 15 years. In 2007, he embarked on his new journey at the farm. Lee Shyong is passionate in promoting eating healthy locally grown food and to help promote safer food supply.

He also founded Tai’s Choice Kitchen, producing a wide range of condiments and dried food.

Callie Tai is a co-founder of Justlife Group Sdn Bhd and Blue Oasis (M) Sdn Bhd, both specializing in organic and biodynamic food products since 2001.

With a passion for homemade foods and over 20 years of experience in home fermentation, she intended to promote traditional fermented foods for community well-being. In 2020, Callie co-founded Rasamasa Enterprise to inspire home-based fermentation and healthy cooking, aiming to support small businesses with similar visions. In 2022, she initiated Kongsi Co-op, focusing on connecting people, soil, and nature through community effort and co-operative creation.

a 11
About the Workshop

Niki Ong is a certified massage therapist & a dedicated lyre player; specializing in elderly, palliative and end-of-life care.

About the Tutor

Niki Ong is a certified massage therapist & a dedicated lyre player; specializing in elderly, palliative and end-of-life care.

She encountered a transformational journey from being an engineer to waking up to her destiny and becoming a certified massage therapist in Malaysia deepening with Anthroposophic body therapy and Lyre.

From a very random encounter listening to a teacher playing Lyre at the Kolisko conference back in 2015, it planted a seed in her and changed her perspective on life in general. Now she is spearheading the deepening training program with palliative and end-of-life care as her main goal.

a 12
About the Workshop


Anthroposophical Home care enables us to help to integrate health and illness towards balance. Some examples of therapies include: compresses of yarrow to the liver to support liver function; chamomile to the stomach to support digestion and settling the nervous system for sleep; footbaths for warmth and calm; rhythmical einreibung using massage oils for anxiety, stress, fatigue, grief and reconnecting to Self; inhalations of oils or teas such as eucalyptus and chamomile for colds/flus and sinusitis.

In this 3-day workshop, participants will experience some of these exercises and explore how the process reawakens and strengthens our body vitality.

About the Tutor

Lai Soon Peng completed a 3-year Anthroposophical Homecare Training in Malaysia in 2019.

Since then, she integrates homecare into daily life to support the health and wellness of family, friends and communities through workshops and care visits. She works as a volunteer, supporting various Anthroposophical conferences and workshops such as Anthroposophical Elderly Care Conference, Anthroposophical Child Care Conference, Anthroposophical Middle Age Crisis Conference, IPMT 2018 etc.


1. Translation is not available for Art and Practices classes.
2. A09 Conversation as Inner Path by Wei Ming-Yu is conducted in Mandarin only as the class involves listening and dialogues.
3. A04 Perception Exercise will be conducted at Kongsi House. This class is paired with W11 Biodynamic Bee Keeping.
4. Classes may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and shall be updated accordingly.

Eurythmy & Singing

Daily morning session to start the day.


A chance to meet and greet our co-organisers, where they will be showcasing their work, services or the community they are building.

Community Market

(30 June 2024, 1pm to 5pm)

Curated vendors such as local organic and biodynamic farmers, retailers, artisan in handcrafts, food producers, vegan restaurants, education centres, and more.

List of participating vendors will be updated as the date is nearer.

Conference Schedule

* The schedule shall be updated by the organiser accordingly if there is any changes.


Anthroposophic Conference Malaysia 2024


1 pax @ RM1,750
2 pax @ RM3,500  RM3,000

Organic plant-based meals are included for dinner on Day 1, lunch and dinner from Day 2 to Day 4.

Participants may purchase food of their choice at the community market on Day 5.

1. Workshop materials fee may be collected separately if any.
2. Translator device is available with a rental fee, please mark the request in the registration form.

The surplus after deducting all operational costs will be used to fund the development of Kongsi Co-op. Find out more about what we do here.

Our Co-organisers

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Location 1

The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur
This will be the main location of daily lecture, workshop, lunch and dinner and community market.

Nearest MRT & monorail: Bukit Bintang station

Location 2

Kongsi House by the River
*For Workshop 11 and Art & Practices 04
Transportation will be prepared to travel between Federal Hotel and Kongsi House, lunch will be provided on site

acm venue 01

The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Kongsi House by the River