Board Member

Chia Yong Ling

kongsi chia yong ling

Yong Ling is one of the 4 co-founders of Langit Collective. As the Chief Technology Officer, he overlooks and innovates appropriate technology and solutions to alleviate specific pain points faced by rural communities on top of setting up Langit’s food traceability system and sustainable farming methods. He aspires to economically empower rural subsistence farming communities and create a more sustainable food system.

Yong Ling started his career in the creative industry with Isobar Malaysia as a multimedia designer and programmer. He then initiated Nowlab Malaysia that provides integrated innovative solutions for brands as the creative technologist. In 2014, he joined Impian Malaysia as a project manager to build basic infrastructures such as gravity-fed-water systems, solar and micro-hydro power systems for rural communities in Malaysia. He further invented a low-cost control system for the micro-hydro-power system and acts as the media coordinator for HPNET, organizing knowledge exchanges for local practitioners across South Asia.

In 2022, he started to put what has been advocating into practice when he moves to a farmhouse Chenderiang, Perak, where he grows his own food and continues in local heirloom seeds-saving.