Surina Suhaimi

BOA - Surina Suhaimi

Surina graduated from Nottingham Trent University and was a practising advocate and solicitor for 20 years before she decided to leave the profession in 2015. She became a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK from 2008 and obtained 1st class in Sustainability Law at the University of Melbourne in 2012.

Upon leaving legal private practice, she proceeded to pursue her passion for books and writing, and opened an independent bookstore called BACA – The Reading Room and Cafe in her hometown, Temerloh.

Having spent 15 years in Rotary International through the Rotary Club of Temerloh and serving as Assistant Governor for Rotary Malaysia in 2014-2015 and 3 years in the Bar Council Malaysia’s Environment and Climate Change Committee from 2013-2015, Surina used the experiences learnt from those involvements to challenge herself to create platforms for the local community in Temerloh to come together in harmony, one of few festivals were Kome Art Fest (Temerloh) and Suka Fest (Mentakab). During this time, she unschooled and homeschooled her daughter for a year and this led her to discover Trash Hero Malaysia. A year later, she founded and continues to lead Trash Hero Temerloh until present day.

In 2020, she enrolled her daughter to study in a Waldorf-inspired school in Janda Baik called Hillforest Education Hub for 22 months and taught Grade 4 and 5 and as Bahasa Malaysia and English language teacher to Grades 1-6.

Today, Surina continues to become consultant legal advisor to a few land-based companies, and is currently, together with a parents group, building a Waldorf-based learning community within Janda Baik.