Dr. Michaela Glöeckler

BOA - Dr. Michaela Glöeckler

Dr. Michaela Glöeckler, a paediatrician, has been the Head of the Medical Section for 28 years at the Goetheanum—the anthroposophic School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland. During this time, she was lecturing worldwide the integrative medical model of Anthroposophic Medicine. Before that she worked in the paediatric department of the Community Hospital in Herdecke, Germany and served as school doctor for the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten, Germany.

She is co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood and the European Alliance of Initiatives for applied Anthroposophy (ELIANT).

Publications in English: Education for the Future, Guide to Child Health, The Dignity of the young child, Ethical Considerations in Medicine, Education – Health for Life, Education as Preventive Medicine, Medicine at the Threshold, A Healing Education, Developmental Insights, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The Future of Education, Healing Arts and Health Care.

She initiated IPMT Malaysia in 2013 and Kolisko Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. This all began when she accepted Dr Joean’s invitation to give a 2-hour lecture back in 2011. Kongsi Co-op’s aspiration is to build on the spiritual community based on the Anthroposophical principles.